For half a century a son can’t forgive his mother. In 1951 when he was a 5-year old boy, his mother becomes an agent of the Bulgarian secret service in order to prevent him from having a miserable future. She infiltrates the oppositionary groups of guerrilla fighters against the regime. Initially the mother commits treasons with no thought of the consequences, but when she realizes her sin and tries to stop, the state apparatus crushes her. Her son falls ill and she collapses mentally. She does nothing to save him. One of those she betrayed, though, cures her child. The boy condemns his mother and leaves. Half a century later, the son manages to forgive her.

Bulgaria, 120 min, color

Genre: Drama

Writer & Director: Georgi Dyulgerov
DoP: Stefan Ivanov
Production designer: Georgi Todorov
Composer: Mira Iskarova

Producer: Screening Emotions
With the support of Bulgarian National Film Center

Status: In Preproduction