After the death of his mother, 13-year old Doncho develops hyper sensibility in addition to his vivid imagination and grumpy mood. He cannot put up with his father’s guilt and false intellectual ambitions as a TV director. Doncho escapes from home and makes friends with Ivan who becomes his guardian angel. Ivan saves Doncho from suicide at the price of going to prison. Doncho’s father, moved by the human regard of Ivan, leaves his own project and starts shooting an amateur chronicle about Ivan and his slow coming back to life.

Bulgaria, 110 min, colour/black and white

Genre: Drama

Writer: Krasimir Kroumov - Gretz
Director: Georgi Stoyanov
DoP: Wojciech Todorow
Production design: Vanina Geleva

Producer: Screening Emotions
Co-producers: Orion Production (Macedonia) and Agromedia Production (Poland)
With the support of Bulgarian National Film Center

Status: In Pre-production