DEPERSONALIZATION with three prestigious awards

The animated film DEPERSONALIZATION directed by Spartak Yordanov won three prestigious awards at the recently concluded XIX World Festival of Animated Film in Varna. The work was awarded with the awards for "Best Bulgarian Film", "Best Debut" and the award of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers.


DEPERSONALIZATION with a world premiere at the world's most important international animation film festival.

Spartak Yordanov's debut animated film DEPERSONALIZATION will have its world premiere in the Perspectives Short Film Competition at the world's largest international animation film festival in Annecy, France. trailer

Three films of Screening Emotions will have their Bulgarian premieres at the Sofia Film Fest

Three of the company's productions will have their Bulgarian premieres at the 27th International Sofia Film Festival. Mihai Mincan's debut film TO THE NORTH will compete in the festival's official competition for first and second films, Paul Negoescu's MEN OF DEEDS is in the Best Balkan Film competition, and Spartak Yordanov's DEPERSONALIZATION is in the Best Short Film competition.

TO THE NORTH will premiere at one of the most prestigious international film festivals

The international co-production TO THE NORTH by director Mihai Mincan has been selected in the official selection of the "Orizzonti" program at the Venice International Film Festival, where it competes for the awards along with 17 other films.

MEN OF DEEDS will feature in the official competition of the Sarajevo International Film Festival

Paul Negoescu's fourth feature film will have its world premiere in the international competition at the Sarajevo IFF. MEN OF DEEDS is a co-production between Romania and Bulgaria and the second film that Paul has made in cooperation with Screening Emotions.

AGAINST THE COURSE OF TIME with an award from Rhodope Film Fest

The film AGAINST THE COURSE OF TIME directed by Dimitar Sarjdev won the special award in the "New Bulgarian Documentary Cinema" section of the just concluded second International Rhodope Film Fest.

THEO'S FORMULA can now be viewed online on the Netera+ platform

The documentary film about the teacher Teodosiy Teodosiev and his unique teaching method THEO'S FORMULA can now be watched online on the streaming platform Netera+ trailer

Ralitza Petrova's new project with an award from the Cinelink Co-Production Market

Ralitza Petrova's new project LUST won an Cinelink ARTEKINO International Prize at Sarajevo International Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film will be realized jointly by Aporia Filmworks and Screening Emotions.

BLESSED ARE THE MEEK won the Grand Prize of the jury at SIFF at the Coast

BLESSED ARE THE MEEK won the "Silver Seagull" award in the person of directors Georgi Stoyanov and Wojciech Todorov, producers Poli Angelova and Nikolay Todorov, actor Ivan Burnev and in memory of the screenwriter Krassimir Krumov-Gretz. The award was presented by the jury "for the courage to engage in the search for God through contemporary reading."


NINA won main prize of the 15th Zubroffka film festival

The short film NINA by director Hristo Simeonov won the Grand Prix at the 15th Zubrowka ISFF in Poland. This is another prestigious award for the film, which ranks it among the most successful Bulgarian short films in recent years.

Filming of Paul Negoescu new film has begun

The filming process of the Romanian-Bulgarian co-production MEN OF DEEDS will take place in several villages near the town of Botosani, Romania. The script was written by Radu Romaniuc and Oana Tudor, behind the camera is Ana Dragici.


The filming process of the international co-production TO THE NORTH is completed

The shooting of the feature film TO THE NORTH, a co-production between Romania, France, Greece, Czech Republic and Bulgaria, has ended. The film was shot in the ports of Constanta, Romania and Katakolo, Greece, as well as on the high seas. The filming was carried out by an international team, including film professionals and actors from eight different countries. The main roles are played by the filipino star Soliman Cruz, Nico Becker and the young bulgarian actor Dimitar Vasilev.


New awards for NINA

Hristo Simeonov's short film NINA received three prestigious awards last week. The film was awarded for The Best Fiction Film at Linz International Short Film Festival, where Plamena Stefanova also recieve the award for Best Acting. Plamena's performance was also honored at the Izmir International Short Film Festival where she received a special award for a young actress.The film continues its festival life with the participation of festivals in Leuven, Belgium, Aguilar, Spain and the Zubroffka IFF in Poland.


Short film CHIMERA is selected at the Sitges Film Festival

CHIMERA of the director Pavel G. Vesnakov is included in the program of one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals for fantasy cinema in the world SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. This will be the only representative of Bulgaria at the 53rd edition of the festival, which will be held from 8 to 18 October in Sitges, Catalonia.

CHIMERA is part of the omnibus 7, participant in the artistic program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019

Two Awards for BLESSED ARE THE MEEK from the Golden Rose Film Festival

At the just-concluded Golden Rose Film Festival, BLESSED ARE THE MEEK was awarded two prestigious prizes. Ivan Burnev took the Award for Best Actor "for his authentic minimalist portraying and building a powerful character", and a Special Jury Diploma was awarded to the film "for the efforts put forth by the producers, directors, director of photography and the editor to carry through this complicated project about silent human kindness"

THEO'S FORMULA is now available at

Documentary THEO'S FORMULA can now be watched on the platform
After more than 75 weeks on screen, the documentary continues his life online.
The film is also available for viewing on the profile of its world distributor Sweet Spot Docs. trailer

NINA with the Grand Prize at Odense Film Festival

The short film NINA won the Grand Prix at one of the most prestigious short film festivals - OFF Odense Film Festival. The film is also OFF Candidate for short film nominations at the European Film Awards and as winner in Oscar qualifying festival will be legitimate for submission for Oscar.

NINA by Hristo Simeonov won the most prestigious award for short films in Bulgaria!

The award for Bulgarian short film at the Sofia International Film Festival worth EUR 9,500 (EUR 1,500 cash prize and EUR 8,000 in post-production services), provided by Dolly Media Studio, was won by the short film NINA.
NINA is part of the omnibus 7, realized under the project "Kinoplovdiv", participant in the artistic program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019

American Premiere of the short film NINA

Short film NINA by Hristo Simeonov is in Official Selection of the one of most prestigious american film festivals Palm Springs International Film Festival - OSCAR and BAFTA Awards qualifying festival.

Short film NINA with the Jury Special Mention at the 60th Krakow Film Festival.
International jury for short films under the chair of Jan Komasa decided to honour our film NINA by
Hristo Simeonov with the Jury Special Mention.
The jury motivate their choice as follows:

"An intimate portrait of a young girl trapped in a life of poverty and crime, and her encounter with a middle-class woman who is in the midst of dealing with her own bourgeois misfortune. Beautifully acted, sensitively written, understated and authentic, "Nina" tells the story of those in society who go unseen, while the rest of us go about our daily lives, with no judgement or over-dramatization, but simply as life unfold, for millions of people around the world, every single day."

NINA will have its international premiere at one of the most prestigious European short film festivals

The short film NINA by director Hristo Simeonov was selected in the official program of one of the most prestigious European short and documentary film festivals in Krakow, Poland. The festival is one of 24 festivals on the list of European Film Awards.

THEO'S FORMULA celebrates one year on screen!

We celebrated one year since the film is on screen throughout the country with a special screening, which welcomed the protagonist – Theodosiy Theodosiev as an honoured guest. It is wonderful that the cinema theaters are full anywhere the film is shown and the main character continues to inspire the audiences!


BETTER NATURE and NINA in The Official Selection of 24th Sofia Film Fest

Two of the short films part of the Omnibus 7, BETTER NATURE by Ralitsa Petrova and NINA by Hristo Simeonov, are selected for the short competition of the 24th Sofia Film Fest. The two films will compete for the Best Bulgarian Short Film Award and the prize of € 9,500.


New award for HOME FAR AWAY

Dimitar Kutmanov's short film HOME FAR AWAY, part of the omnibus "7", won the most poetic film award at Küstendorf Film & Music Festival.


HOME FAR AWAY selected for the official program of Kustendorf Film & Music Festival

The new year begins with great news - Dimitar Kutmanov's short film HOME FAR AWAY is selected in the official program of the Kustendorf Film & Music Festival organized by Emir Kusturica.

New award for THEO'S FORMULA!

Nikolay Vasilev's documentary THEO'S FORMULA was honored with a special jury diploma at the 24th Golden Rhyton Documentary and Animation Festival.
The award was presented "for showing the bright mind and talent of a Bulgarian teacher, who has succeeded regardless of the system in eliciting the potential of Bulgarian intellect at the international level." trailer

HOME FAR AWAY will have its world premiere at Cairo Film Festival!

Dimitar Kutmanov's short film HOME FAR AWAY will have its world premiere in the official selection of Cairo International Film Festival - one of the fifteen A-class film festivals in the world. The movie is part of the official short film section "Cinema of Tomorrow"


The international short film jury of Golden Rose film festival awarded the following prizes:

Special mention for HOME FAR AWAY, dir. Dimitar Kutmanov "for the poetic sight in the chase of lost times".

The Golden Rose award for Best Short Film for NINA, dir. Hristo Simeonov "for the successful symbiosis of authenticity and imagination and for the gentle and honest attitude towards the characters."

THEO'S FORMULA have its first Award!

THEO'S FORMULA has its first prize - at the festival "Love is Folly", the film received an award from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". For the first time a documentary was honored at the festival. trailer

THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER goes to Cinemas in Bulgaria

THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER start its journey in bulgarian cinemas from 24th of May. The film can be seen on the screens in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, Targovishte, Razgrad, Kavarna, Sapareva Banya and others.


Official premiere on THEO'S FORMULA! 

On March 18th at 18:30 in Dom Na kinoto will be the premiere of the documentary THEO’S FORMULA, produced by Screening Emotions. The film is a deep look inside the philosophy of one of the brightest minds of our days - the physicist Theodosiy Theodosiev. trailer

SCREENING EMOTIONS to Present Eight Films at the 23th Sofia International Film Festival

Eight films by Screening Emotions will be featured at Sofia Film Festival.
THEO'S FORMULA directed by Nikolay Vasilev will have its official premiere. Romanian-Bulgarian co-production THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER will be part of the Balkan Competition and THE PIG directed by Dragomir Sholev is selected for the Offcial Competition. Grigor Antonov's AFTER SCHOOL will compete for the Jameson Award for Best Short Film, together with WHOLE by Slava Doycheva and SOLEDAD by Stilian Stoyanov, of which Screening Emotions is co-producer.
Within the framework of Sofia Meetings, two of the new projects of the company A SAINT'S LIFE and 7 - an omnibus of seven short films will be presented in closed screenings for festival programmers and industry professionals.

THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER with Three Nomindtions for the Gopo Prize

THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER has received three nominations for the prize of the Romanian film industry Gopo. Composer Hristo Namliev was nominated for the original music, Dragos Apetri for editing, and Filip Muresan, Alexandru Dimitru and Florin Tabacaru for the sound of the film.

International premiere of THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER.

THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER will have its international premiere in the Official Selection of the prestigious A list film festival in Tallinn, Estonia. The film will be part of the International competition program alongside 18 other titles from around the world.

BIRTH premieres in Istanbul.

Grigor Antonov’s BIRTH will have its international premiere at the 29th Istanbul Short Film Festival in Turkey as part of the International competition program. The festival will take place from 19th to 24th December 2018.


All short films from the KINOPLOVDIV project are now shot. 

Nikolay Todorov finished shooting the last short film from the KINOPLOVDIV project. The crew included the DOP Kiril Prodanov and production designer Elena Stoyanova. In the leading role we see Adelina Zhelyazkova who is joined by Srebrina Timofey and the filmmakers Grigor Antonov and Pavel Vesnakov.


Hristo Simeonov finished filming NINA.

The shooting of the last but one short film from the KINOPLOVDIV project finished. Directed by Hristo Simeonov the film presents the 13 year old Plamena Stefanova who partners with one of the most popular Bulgarian actresses Margita Gosheva. Other key crew members include the DOP Veselin Hristov and the production designers Ivelina Mineva and Nevena Georgieva. 


Petar Valchanov and Kristina Grozeva finished filming TEO ON THE ROOF.

Petar Valchanov and Kristina Grozeva finished filming their short film, which is part of the KINOPLOVDIV film omnibus project. In the leading role we will see their daughter Sybilla Petrova while the DOP Kiril Prodanov and the production designer Ivelina Mineva contributed to the successful completion of the shoot. 


The filming of the short film HOME is completed.

The filming of another short film from the omnibus project KINOPLOVDIV is now finished. HOME is written and directed by Dimitar Kutmanov. The cinematographer Dian Zagorchinov and production designer Alexandra Ovtchinnikova are the other key crew members. The cast consist entirely of non-professional actors. 


The shooting of FRAGILE has been completed.

The shooting of the short film FRAGILE - written and directed by Lyubomir Mladenov, has successfully been finalized. The film is part of KINOPLOVDIV project. The leading roles are played by the talented young actors Nadezhda Koleva and Alexander Benev and the DOP Dian Zagorchinov is responsible for the cinematography of the film. 


BIRTH will be presented at the Golden Rose Film Festival.

Grigor Antonov’s debut short fiction film BIRTH will be exclusively presented at the 36th Golden Rise Film Festival. The festival will take place between 27th September and 4th October in Varna, Bulgaria.

Official premiere of THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER.

The Romania-Bulgaria coproduction THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER enters the cinema theaters in Romania. The official premiere is today in Bucharest where the director Paul Negoescu will present the film together with all key cast and crew members.


Ralitza Petrova finished shooting BETTER NATURE.

The shooting of BETTER NATURE - a short film part of the KINOPLOVDIV project is now finished. The director Ralitza Petrova is also the author of the script and the leading roles are played by Slava Doycheva and Angelina Rangelova. Kiril Prodanov is the DOP of the film, while Elena Stoyanova is responsible for the production design.


The first short film from the KINOPLOVDIV project was successfully shot.

The film director Pavel Vesnakov finished shooting his short film CHIMERA. This marked the start of the creation of the seven films, which will be part of the KINOPLOVDIV omnibus. The script of CHIMERA is written by Pavel Vesnakov and the leading roles are played by Yoanna Boukovska, Georgi Petkov, Daniel Rashev and Ivan Paskov. The DOP of the film is Orlin Ruevski and Severina Stoyanova is the production designer.



Romanian-Bulgarian co-production NEVER LET IT GO, directed by Paul Negoescu, is about to be finalized under a new title: THE STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER.


Screening Emotions films at Sofia Meetings 2018

The short film BIRTH and the documentary THEO'S FORMULA will be part of the 15th Sofia Meetings co-production forum (15-22 March 2018) and will have closed screenings for film professionals in the framework of the event.

New Project by Nikolay Todorov is the winner of the "Danny Lerner Award"

The feature project GREED, written and to be directed by Nikolay Todorov, is the winner of the “Danny Lerner Award” by Nu Boyana Film Studios for best project in development, pitched at So Independent Film Festival 2017. The award consists in 50 000 euro in services at Nu Boyana film studios.


GLORY is the Bulgarian Submission for the Oscars

GLORY by directors Ksistina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov is the Bulgarian submission for an Oscar for Best Feorign Language Film. This was decided by a commission of seven members, assigned by Bulgarian National Film Center. Best of luck for the film!


GLORY Becomes One of the Most Awarded Bulgarian Films

The jury of the 31st International Film Festival in Montenegro, presided by Milcho Manchevski awarded GLORY with three prizes: Best Feture Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actress. The film also received the prize of the film critics.
A year after its world premiere in Locarno, GLORY has received 44 prizes and is sold in more than 30 territories.


GLORY Wins the Beast Feature Film Award at Edinburgh Film Festival

GLORY has just been awarded for Best International Feature Film at the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival. This is the 39th award for the film.

BEFORE I SLEEP is part of the festival Meetings of Young European Cinema

BEFORE I SLEEP will have two exclusive screenings at the festival on June 21st at 16:00h. and on June 24th at 18:30h. in Odeon cinema. The first screening is especially dedicated to students and the director of the film will be their special guest.


BEFORE I SLEEP Competes for the Jameson Award at Sofia IFF

BEFORE I SLEEP is part of the selection of this year's competition for Best Bulgarian Short at Sofia International Film Festival together with other 11 new Bulgarian short films.
Come and watch BEFORE I SLEEP on March 17th at 21:00h. or on March 22nd at 16:00h. in Dom na kinoto.

BEFORE I SLEEP Received the Award for Best Poetic Film

Emir Kusturica introduced a new prize at his Kustendorf International Film Festival – Award for Most Poetic Film, which he awarded to Bulgarian director Nikolay Todorov for the film BEFORE I SLEEP.

Special screening of BEFORE I SLEEP

A special screening of the short film BEFORE I SLEEP will be held on January 13 at 15:00 in Lumiere Cinema. The film is part of a selection of shorts, awarded at "Golden Rose" Film Festival in the recent years. The screening is part of the celebration of the Day of Bulgarian cinema.

World premiere of the short film BEFORE I SLEEP at Kustendorf Film Festival

The world premiere of BEFORE I SLEEP will be held at Kustendorf International Film Festival. The festival is organized by the two-time winner of the Palme d'Or Emir Kusturica in the town of Mechavnik. Among the festival guests over the years have been Johnny Depp, Monica Bellucci, Audrey Tautou, Jim Jarmusch, Abbas Kiarostami, Ashgar Farhadi, Fatih Akin and many others. This year's special guest is the renown Filipino director Lav Diaz.

Immediately after Kustendorf IFF, BEFORE I SLEEP will be at  Premiers Plans film festival in Angers, France. The film is selected for the FREE STYLE program, which is part of the official selection of the festival.

Shooting of GRACE completed

Filming of the short film GRACE has been completed successfully. The shooting took place in the town of Buhovo. The main roles are performed by the non-professional actors Alexander Benev and Cveta Popova. The film is directed by Grigor Antonov, screenplay by Simeon Ventsislavov. It is supported by Bulgarian National Film Centre and is a co-production between Screening Emotions and Red Carpet.


GLORY received the Crystal Arrow

GLORY received the Crystal Arrow and the Press Jury Award at Les Arcs European Film Festival, France!

GLORY with Three More Awards!

GLORY won the FIPRESCI award, the Best screenplay award and the Best film award at the 54th Gijón International Film Festival, Spain.

The Official Premiere of GLORY Opens Kinomania

The 30th edition of the world film panorama Kinomania started with the premiere of GLORY in Bulgaria. Directors Petar Valchanov and Kristina Grozeva presented the crew and the cast before the numerous audience in the main hall of the National Palace of Culture.


GLORY Received the Golden Royal Bengal Tiger in Kolkata, India

GLORY was awarded with the Golden Bengal Tiger for Best Film in the competition program Innovations in Moving Images at the International Film Festival in Kolkata, India.
The award consists in 30 000 euro.
The prize is the 14th award for the film at festivals in Bulgaria and abroad.

GLORY Won the GOLDEN ATLAS (Jury Award) at the Festival in Arras, France

Together with the award, the film received distribution support for France for the next 12 months, awarded by the city community of Arras.
At the pitching forum of the festival, Petar Valchanov and Kristina Grozeva won the award of the CNC for their new film project, entitled THE FATHER.

GLORY Received the Grand Prix of Hamptons Film Festival

GLORY just won the Gand Prix for Best Feature Film at Hamptons International Film Festival. The festival selection is considered for the Oscar nominations.
After Hamptons, the film has been selected for a series of prestigious film festivals like Ghent, Antalya, Thessaloniki and Chicago.

GLORY Won Five Awards at the National Festival of Feature Films GOLDEN ROSE

The new film of Petar Valchanov and Kristina Grozeva won five awards at the last festival of Bulgarian cinema GOLDEN ROSE. GLORY was awarded with the Special prize of the city of Varna and the award for Best screenplay went to Petar Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva and Decho Taralezhkov. Krum Rodriguez received the prize for Best cinematography for his work in GLORY and GODLESS by Ralitza Petrova. GLORY also received the award of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and the Award of the accredited festival journalists.

GLORY will premiere at Locarno Film Festival!

The new film from the directors of THE LESSON Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov will premiere at the presitigous Locarno International Film Festival. GLORY is part of the International competition and will compete together with 17 other titles for the Golden Leopard. trailer


The feature film project  NEVER LET IT GO by writer-director Paul Negoesku has just been supported by Eurimages Fund. The film will be made as a European co-production between Romania and Bulgaria.

THE LESSON Triumphs with Five Awards from Bulgarian Film Academy

At the awarding ceremony of Bulgarian Film Academy for cinema achievements of 2014 THE LESSON received five kew prizes for Best Film, Best Directing, Best First Feature, Best Actress in a leading role for Margita Gosheva and Best Production Design for Vanina Geleva. Cheers to all!

THE LESSON received Six More International Awards

Happy news for THE LESSON this week! The first awards came from the festival Golden Lime in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), where the film received the Grand Prix and the Best Actress Award for the performance of Margita Gosheva. In Brazil THE LESSON also got the Grand Prix and the Best Actress Award. Last, but not least, the film was awarded the Best Director and Best Actress Prize at Transilvania IFF (Romania).
Margita Gosheva has received five international awards for her role in The Lesson so far, which makes her the best awarded Bulgarian actress in cinema for the last twenty years. trailer

THE LESSON in Theatres

From May 15th THE LESSON will be in theatres in its home country Bulgaria. Screenings will take place in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Sevlievo, Blagoevgrad, Gotse Delchev, Sliven, Haskovo and Kiustendil.
The Lesson will also be part of the programs "Sofia Film Fest on the road" and "Traveling Cinema of Bulgarian National TV". This way it will be distributed in the smaller towns around the country in places where cinema halls don't exist. 


THE LESSON wins four Awards at Sofia IFF

THE LESSON is the first Bulgarian film to win the Grand Prix Award, the FIPRESCI Award, the Best Bulgarian Film Award and the Audience Award at Sofia International Film Festival!
This kind of coinsidence and solidarity between viewrs, film critics and professionals is the best honor the film can get. Thank You!

New Award for THE LESSON

THE LESSON wins Grand Prix at Luxembourg City Film Festival.
This is the next prestigious international award for the films, after its success in San Sebastian, Gotteborg, Tokyo and Warsaw.

US Distribution for THE LESSON

From March 4th THE LESSON will be in regular film distribution in the US, which makes it the first Bulgarian film to be distributed in the cinema network on American screen.

Bulgarian viewers are invited to watch the film on two exclusive screenings on the 8th and the 9th of March as part of the Official competition of Sofia Film Fest.

Bulgarian Film Classics on IMDB

On the occasion of the centenary of Bulgarian cinema in 2015, Screening Emotions starts a campaign for promotion of Bulgarian cinematography. The iniative will provide digitalization and upload of information, film stills and film posters on IMDb for more than 70 movies part of the Gold fund of Bulgarian cinema. The project is a sequel of the long-standing work of prof. Georgi Dulgerov for updating information about Bulgarian films and filmmakers on IMDb and the current activities are supported financially by Sofia "Culture" Program.


THE LESSON Around the World

THE LESSON goes on its tour on the world screens. The film is part of the Official competition of Luxembourg IFF. The actors Margita Gosheva, Ivan Burnev and Ivan Savov are special guests of the festival.

At the end of March THE LESSON will be presented at Guadalajara IFF in Mexico as part of the section New European Cinema.

THE LESSON won the Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award

THE LESSON won yet another and very prestigios award - the Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award at Goteborg International Film Festival.

The motiovation of the jury:
"I, as the Jury President for this program, was strongly attracted to how this film depicts elaborately of the human psychology and emotional flows of the main character, who were put in the difficult situations of life that possibly anyone could face.
Together with the rhythm created in the process of editing, the way it incorporates natural light, and the outstanding performance that are naturally presented on screen, I believe this film has achieved the quality one could hardly believe that this is the first feature film.
As an achievement of this film, I value the fact that the film eagerly seeks for, shares, and presents what’s true to us as audience.
With the hope for the filmmakers’ further exploration in their own approach to cinema, this year’s Ingmar Bergman’s Debut Award goes out to The Lesson by Petar Valchanov and Kristina Grozeva."

Another Award for THE LESSON

Margita Gosheva won the Best Actress Award at 27th Premiers Plans European Film Festival in Angers, France. Her participation in THE LESSON by direcros Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov won her the prestigious prize. Actresses from all European and national French films at the festival were in competition for the award.

THE LESSON in the Official Competition of Angers IFF, Selected at Rotterdam, Göteborg and Trieste

The film of Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov is selected for the official competition of the most important European festival for debut films Premiers Plans in Angers, France. THE LESSON will compete with eight more titles for the Grand Jury Prize.

In January the film will also screen at Rotterdam IFF, competing for The Big Screen Award, and will be part of Göteborg and Trieste film festivals.

Shooting of BEFORE I SLEEP ended successfully

Shooting of the short film BEFORE I SLEEP ended successfully today. The movie, based on a screenplay by Dimitar Sardzhev, was shot in Sofia and in the vicinity of the city. Director of the film is Nikolay Todorov and the cast involves Dimitar Nikolov, last year student at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in the class of prof. Ivan Dobchev, as well as ballet dancer Lora Nikolaeva, who made her acting debut. The film is supported by Bulgarian National Film Center and American Foundation for Bulgaria.


THE LESSON won yet another couple of Awards

At the 55.Thessaloniki International Film Festival the film was awarded "Bronze Alexander" - Special Jury Prize for originality and innovation, and the Best Screenplay Award.

THE LESSON won the Special Jury Prize at the 27th Tokyo IFF

THE LESSON won the Special Jury Prize at the 27th International Film Festival in Tokyo. The jury, composed of six directors distinguished the film among fifteen other titles from around the world selected in the official competition program of the festival.

A day after the award in Tokyo, the film won the FIPRESCI Award at the International Film Festival "Molodist" in Kiev.

THE LESSON received the 1-2 Competition award at the 30th Warsaw IFF.

received the 1-2 Competition award at the 30th Warsaw Intl. Film Festival. This prize is given to the best first and second feature films by directors from all over the world.
In just a weekend the film also won The Special Award of the City of Varna, The Critics Guild Award (UBF) and the Accredited Journalists’ Award at 32.Golden Rose Festival for Bulgarian Films.

THE LESSON Received Kutxa-New Directors Award at San Sebastian IFF

At the closing ceremony of San Sebastian Intl. Film Festival THE LESSON received the Kutxa-New Directors award. The feature by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov was singled out by the international jury from among 12 other titles competing in the section for first and second films. The prize consists in a statuette and the sum of 50 000 euro shared by the directors and the Spanish distributor of the film.

THREE DAYS IN SARAJEVO on Screen from September 30th

The official premiere of the film THREE DAYS IN SARAJEVO will take place on September 30th at 19h. in Cinema House. Right after that the film will be in the cinemas of Sofia - Cinema House, Odeon and Eurocinema. See you there!


World Premiere of THE LESSON at Toronto IFF

The world premiere of THE LESSON took place on September 4th at Toronto International Film Festival as part of the section Contemporary World Cinema. Director Petar Valchanov is a special guest of the festival.

THREE DAYS IN SARAJEVO has been presented at a special screening as part of the progam of the 18th Sofia International Film Festival in March 2014.